Black Bean & Corn Zoodles

   If we’re talking net carbs, this dish really isn’t too bad. We haven’t had zucchini noodles in several weeks and I saw this recipe on good ‘ol Pinterest which inspired me to make this dish. For super low carb consumers, corn is a definite no no and black beans are basically up there too, but let’s face it, indulging in this dish is far better than Taco Bell! 

Firstly, I cut the ends off my zucchini to prep them for the Vegetti.

You guys think I’m funny for this set up I have going here, don’t you? Then color me crazy, because this way works so well for me! I have the Aroma Steam Tray (which is lined with a paper towel) just in front of our slide out table, use a paper towel to guide the zucchini noodles into their new home and then of course have the Vegetti suction cupped to the table surface. 

And here they are in all their spiralized glory!

I used like 362 paper towels to get out as much water as possible (okay, maybe not quite that many) but I have found the more water I can get out, the better these noodles taste. I then cut them into pieces about 2″-3″ which was seriously a labor of love, however I regret nothing! 

I tossed the zoodles into the pot with a little low sodium taco seasoning and Tajin (the salty lime flavoring was subtle but totally complimentary). I gave them about 5 minutes on “steam” as I drained my corn, black beans and olives. I then added 1/2 can of each the corn and black beans, 2 tbsp cream cheese and stirred. I then topped with some shredded cheddar and sliced up 2 servings of olives. I set it for 10 more minutes on steam and closed the lid.

This is one attractive looking meal! It was quite filling, I could only eat about 1 cu of it. James enjoyed it enough to go back for seconds. 

So the verdict: I felt like we had gotten a bit bored of the zoodles so we took a vacation from this versatile veggie but bringing them back with this dish was a success! I’m telling you, Tajin made the meal and adding just a little cream cheese was just the right amount to give it a creamy flavor. I seriously want to try this again but with cauliflower.


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