Fat Head Pizza

   By now you know our “thing” is we want to still enjoy the same foods we did before, but in a lower carb version. Pizza is no different and we are always up for trying different versions of the beloved food (some have been successful, others a failure). Fat Head Pizza Crust is a big thing in the LC (low carb) world and it has taken us a while to finally try it, but man oh man, this will not be the last time!

   The best part is it is so versatile and can be made sweet or savory. But having it as a pizza crust for the first go round was great. All recipes I’ve seen require melting ingredients in a microwave and since we don’t have one on the truck, I got to experiment a little.

So let’s get started…

3/4 cu Almond Flour (I made my own)

2 cu Shredded Mozzarella 

2 tbps Cream Cheese 

1 Egg

Italian Seasoning & Minced Garlic

 This was the scary part for me as most directions require melting cream cheese and shredded cheese in a microwave. I set my Aroma cooker on Steam for 5 minutes and left the lid open as I added my cream cheese and mozzarella. Why Steam? Who really knows, that’s just the setting I tend to use most often.

I stirred like my life depended on it until I got a melted glob. I did find my pan got a little too hot so I will probably try a different setting next time.

I then added by 3/4 cup of almond flour. If you use regular almond flour that does not have that brown color your crust will not be as dark as mine which I’m assuming came from the skins of almonds. Stir that stuff in and make sure you continuously move it around, some of it will stick to the sides but that is what rubber spatulas are for, right?

Lay down a sheet of parchment paper or wax paper, I only happen to have wax paper on hand and it worked superbly.

I really love the scooper that came with the Aroma, it worked really well to incorporate those ingredients and then to lift the ball out of the pot. It doesn’t look very good but it sure is darn tasty!

I do not have a rolling pin on the truck but this is super easy to spread out with your hands. Besides I believe that rolling pins are only for people who have hooks for hands!

Go ahead and place your crust into the bottom of the Aroma or whatever vessel you are using to cook in. Hindsight, I realized I could have made two very thin crusts out of this big ol thing. The edges raised up on the sides weren’t crispy and that little corner definitely had a more doughy texture even though it was fully cooked. I cooked it on Steam for 10 minutes and proceeded to make my pizza sauce.

We decided to make our own pizza sauce just to make you feel bad about yourself for buying a jar LOL. But seriously we saved ourselves a few extra carbs by using just a can of stewed Italian tomatoes and pulsing it in the Ninja and adding a little garlic and Italian seasoning. It did come out a bit watery so I added a touch of cream of tartar which didn’t help at all but I forged on with my failures.

As much as I love pizza I am such a lame-o when it comes to the toppings. After placing the sauce I added the last half cup of shredded Mozzarella as well as turkey pepperoni and crispy bacon. I’ve decided you can never have enough cheese so I peeled apart a couple of string cheeses and laid those on top.

I don’t know how long I cooked it, I’m not some freaking Martha Stewart! I just know I opened it and the cheese is melted and my mind said, “it’s done”.

I think the final step goes without saying but if you’re like I am, you need that story to come full circle, so I am now directing you to cut your pizza and serve it so that all of your hard work can be enjoyed. And I suppose if you need that final final direction, you eat the dang thing. 😀

As I said we found it to be delicious and will definitely use it for pizza again but I’m also looking forward to making other things with this low carb dough.


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