Sweet & Sour Chicken Over Low Carb Noodles

   Having the two of us to cook for makes purchasing higher costing foods a little easier. While a box of pasta can cost as little as a doallar, a bag of Shirataki noodles runs about two dollars and fifty cents. The real savings comes from the the amount of carbs (or lack of) in Pasta Zero. There are two servings in a bag of these precooked noodles at 4g of carbs per serving (4 oz). A normal Spaghetti comes in at 43g of carbs per cup (and who really only eats one cup of noodles?) We can have a bag of Pasta Zero for 8 carbs each… seriously, why would we not use the alternative? I mean, if my Nona from Sicily wanted me to make her a big pot of Spaghetti I wouldn’t use them, I am sure any Italian Grandma would disown their grandchildren if they tried to pull that crap LOL. My husband would like me to add that he would make Nona pasta from scratch because he’s that good.

    I set out to buy a bag of pre-made Asian dinner with tempura chicken and some sort of pasta or rice with a good sauce but being the newly health-conscious people that we are, I checked the label for nutritional information and nearly chucked the bag across the store. Not only was it nearly 50 grams of carbs per serving, there was enough sodium to rival the Morton Salt Factory in Utah and more preservatives than Joan Rivers had in her body!


   Let me tell you a little bit about this Pasta Zero, because when you first see it, the way it’s packaged may scare you, like brains in a jar of slimy serum in the lab. However once you drain the liquid and throw these noodles into a pot and cook off any extra moisture it seriously is just like angel hair pasta.  You can find these magic noodles in the produce section with the Tofurky Dogs and Soy Cheese Slices and other Treehugger favorites.

   Place the noodles into a dry pot and heat on low to remove excess moisture. Once the noodles have transformed to a consistency that you like, add in just a bit of your favorite Asian seasonings or sauces (I chose a low sodium Soy and Hoisin Sauce). Give it a good stir and place the lid on for just a couple of minutes to allow the noodles to absorb those delicious flavors.

   Next comes the vegetables. You could use any mix you like (I chose to use half a bag of stir-fry vegetables). Give it a good stir and let the veggies become one with the noodles.

   The popcorn chicken can be cooked ahead of time and placed into a dish and covered with foil or while you are preparing the noodles and veggies you can bake the chicken in your oven. Wait to toss the chicken in the Sweet and Sour sauce until just before you are going to place the chicken on top of the bed of noodles and veggies. 

I chose to remove the noodles and veggies and place them in an aluminum loaf pan while the chicken warmed up and once it was crispy (or as crispy as it can be in the Aroma). I then added a couple of tablespoons of sauce and tossed together.

   I decided to sprinkle a little Asian seasoning over the top because it made it look fancy and gave it a little extra flavor.

   We are used to making Asian dishes with Cauliflower Rice and they’re pretty good but seriously, I think Martin Yan would totally fall in love with me if he tried this one!


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