Carroll’s Sausage & Country Market

On I75 in Ashburn, GA is a large wooden building that is near impossible to miss. We have passed it several times and always vow to stop in “next time”. Yesterday we had the time on my husband’s clock so we called ahead to make sure they welcomed big rigs into their parking lot. A rough dirt area is reserved for trucks and RVs. 

   The bright signage on the front of the building advertises fresh sausage, nuts and other consumables that entice motorists to take exit 82 to stop in at Carroll’s Sausage and Country Store.

   Before you even enter the cozy Country establishment, wooden furniture and vintage machinery pique your curiosity. Can you spot the little creature that photo bombed one of my pictures? 

The doors open and a grand stone fireplace with hand carved wooden mantle greets patrons. I immediately had to inspect the eclectic collection surrounding the focal point at the front of the store. 

 To my right stood displays of snacks, from individually wrapped chocolated to bags of jerky and small sacks of Grits mix. This store certainly has a sense of humor as can be seen in the packaging of the nuts. 

And more unique pieces to stop and take a look at! Another counter sits in the center of the store with what looks like a heated case for food ls made on sight.

As we ventured toward the rear of the store, a cooler case housing ham, cheese and rolls of butter stood against the wall to the right. I’ll bet that butter would be delicious but I think it would be a very long time before we could finish that on the truck.

And there it was; the expansive deli counter – a carnivore’s delight. Neatly placed rows of patties, sausage and bacon seem to glow with freshness (though I’m sure it was just the lighting). We chose some sausage to take back home as well as half a pound of Applewood Smoked bacon to try and cook on the grill. I spent a few minutes perusing ready made mixes of sweets and jars of jams and pickled items as my husband picked out the meat.

   Not only does Carroll’s Sausage and County Store have wonderful road snacks and meats, but a plethora of Georgia made sauces for barbecuing, including one made by Luke Bryan’s father! We picked up a couple of birthday gifts for family while there, thanks to the help of a very nice employee (I sure wish I would have gotten her name). As my husband looked through the selection of in house made jerky, she asked if he’d sampled the snack sticks at the deli counter. When my husband said he had not, she whisked him away for a sample. Since I am not a purveyor of pork, I strolled through the collection of non consumable items like homemade soaps and lotions. 

   We ended up with a $60 haul of goodies (including two of those snack sticks) and of course once we got back to the truck, realized there were other things we could have gotten, like a bag of fresh Georgia Pecans (they sell both shelled and unshelled). 

   I definitely encourage all motorists to stop in at Carroll’s, and don’t forget to snap a photo of the World’s Largest Peanut!


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