Main Street Market

   We have passed this store several times on our travel over the last two years and finally yesterday, the stars aligned and we had time to stop in and see what it was all about. There is about a dozen and a half spots for big rigs to park. We backed into a space and excitedly exited the truck.

   The Main Street Market is located on I20 at exit 73 in Wickett, TX on the Eastbound side. This establishment offers both gasoline and diesel as well as dine in eateries; Western Sizzlin Express and Subway. There are other locations across Texas (which we how to stop at in the future).

Upon entering I felt a bit confused and overwhelmed- food, clothing, restaurants… sort of like a mini WalMart I suppose. A glass case sits between the two automatic doors displaying trucker necessities; CB Radios, Inverters, 12 volt appliances and GPS units. Walking in further we see several circular racks of clothing with restrooms behind them and televisions on the wall to entertain patrons stopping in for a bite to eat.

The lighting and colors surrounding the dining area are subtle and cozy.

This wall of jerky sits amongst other snack foods. I had to add it because I haven’t seen such a vast selection at any store.

Next to the restrooms is a self service coffee bar (synonymous with usual truck stop convenient stores, not so much with markets).

The back aisles are filled with home improvement, outdoor and pet supplies. The selection far exceeds a WalMart or other big box store.

The selection of pet supplies is unique with lots of cleaners on an emd cap.

This end cap houses several small appliances, many that can be used on a truck if you have the right sized inverter.

And they make keys!

The produce selection isn’t as large as a typical supermarket but it looked fresh and was priced reasonably.

The only meat we were in need of was chicken and theirs was priced rather high. The shelves seemed a bit bare so the selection wasn’t very big.

   Over all, we did end up spending about $45.00 and got some coffee, water, cheese, trail mix and cleaning products. If we still ate processed snacks, this place would have been quite a bargain as they had several aisles of candy, chips amd cookies. We are looking forward to seeing the differences in the other similar stores in Texas, I think my husband is most excited for the one located on I20 in Midland as it has a Steak ‘N Shake.


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