Street Taco Enchilada Bake

​Through our Facebook page we have met some wonderful people. Recently, we happened to be in Arizona and had one of our friends pass us on the road (thanks to our governed speed of 62 mph). They recognized our truck and over the CB asked if we were Semi Suite Life. We met up at a Love’s in Williams, AZ and got to chat for a while with a truck driver and his wife. We got on the subject of cooking on the truck and she mentioned making a taco or enchilada casserole type dish in a Lunchbox Oven (I highly recommend all OTR drivers have this appliance at the very least). She said street taco sized tortillas fit perfectly in the disposable aluminum pans that go into the Lunchbox.

   I recently had street taco tortillas at my paeents house and knew 3 tortillas were a serving and had only 19 carbs so I was excited to give it a try. Me being the “experimental chef” that I am, decided to make my own dish. I must say, it was absolutely delicious and we are actually going to make another one tonight  (substituting the ground turkey for shredded chicken).

   A dish like this can be made with a variety of ingredients and can even be made in your oven at home.


6 Street Taco Corn Tortillas

1/2 can Refried Beans

1/2 lb. Cooked Ground Turkey

1/2 cu. Salsa

1/2 can Enchilada Sauce

1 cu. Shredded Cheese

Sour Cream (to top when done)

🍅Put It Together🍅

  • Mix Ground Tukey and Salsa and set aside
  • Lay a thin layer of Refried Beans onto the Tortillas
  • Place 2 Tortillas into lightly greased loaf pan
  • Add a layer of Ground Turkey mixture 
  • Sprinkle on Cheese
  • Drizzle Enchilada Sauce on top
  • Repeat 2 more layers
  • For cooking in Lunchbox Oven, ball 4 small pieces of foil and flatten slightly 
  • Place foil balls into bottom of Lunchbox
  • Set the pan on top and close lid (if the pan sits too high, flatten foil balls a little more until it fits (the pan being lifted will prevent the bottom of your dish from getting burned
  • Place just enough water into bottom of Lunchbox to just cover 
  • Place pan on top and close lid, securing lock
  • Cook 15 to 20 minutes, checking halfway through and wiping away excess condensation from the top of the Lunchbox
  • Cut and serve with Sour Cream

   I love dishes like this that allow for variations and because it can made ahead of time and covered with foil and placed in a refrigerator until ready to cook.


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