Pesto Avocado Zucchini Noodles

Here is the link to the actual recipe:

   I am not a fan of avocado (I know, I’m a weirdo). But since zucchini noodles have become a staple for us, I don’t want to get bored with the same old sauces and meats. I was able to tweak the recipe just a bit to make it a little more “cooking on the truck” friendly. 

Remember how I said I didn’t want us to get burned out on zucchini noodles? I decided to add in 1 yellow squash with 2 small zucchini. We have not had the yellow squash before and I was a little nervous about using the Vegetti with it. 

It worked brilliantly, just like the zucchini. I layed the curly noodles onto a paper towel and placed another on top and gently patted to remove excess water. I then put them in the bowl and set aside.

My sauce was simply this; a jar of pesto I had on hand and an avocado that hubby picked out. I will give him the credit for making the sauce because I have never even cut an avocado. He simply used an emulsifier and mashed the avocado and a few tablespoons of pesto sauce.

I had cooked a couple of chicken breasts ahead of time to add some protien and then chopped it up to add to the dish. I placed the noodles into our Aroma Cooker and added the chicken and scooped the sauce on top. Our sauce was definitely thicker, but once I mixed it all together, the covering was just perfect!  It only took a few minutes for the dish to heat up.

I threw on a dash of parm and it was done!

   I will say it was edible. I had about half of my bowl before the avocado flavor seemed to stick to my tongue and I had to pass the rest of my bowl to my husband who had already inhaled his bowl. I think anyone who likes avocado would love this dish, unfortunately I am not one of those awesome people.


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