Just an Update

It has been a little while since I’ve just done a “checking in” blog. We’re rolling down I40 Westbound in Texas, making our way back to the Westcoast for drops in Sacramento and Hayward. My husband is listening to talk radio, which I can only take so much of so I stuck in my ear buds and dialed into Pandora and though I’d sample the Asia station (yes, the band Asia). Yesterday we heard their bass guitarist John Wetton passed away and of course they played snippets of their music which I actually like so I felt like continuing the reminiscing today.

   Yesterday was my 37th birthday and I had this inner battle about celebrating with food. Usually people have a special birthday dinner and often include cake. I knew if I deviated from our (still new) low carb lifestyle I’d probably pay for it the next day in both feeling cruddy and regret. But it was my special day, so what do I do? I compromised. 

   Life on the road, the days seem to pass as quickly as the scenery so it really didn’t feel like yesterday was “my day”, like it used to when my coworkers and family would be there to celebrate. So while I was okay not indulging in pizza or pasta, my heart wanted something that I don’t get to have every other day. I decided a small dessert was the way to go. My husband and I spent a quarter of an hour in the bakery section of the grocery store flipping over packages to see the nutritional information and quickly placing them back on the shelf. I didn’t want a package of cookies or cupcakes because they would go to waste. Luckily, I found two tiny slices of cheesecake laying side by side in a tiny plastic container; perfect for hubby and the birthday girl. There were more carbs than I would have liked, but it was just right in every other way. 

   I really am an adult (like duh, I have been for nineteen years now… holy moly!) Long gone are the days of pizza parties and sheet cake for days. This year, I ordered a grilled chicken salad and had water. But ya know what? I woke up this morning feeling good about that choice, because it was that choice and the decisions I make all day every day that allowed me to step on a scale on my birthday and actually feel happiness. 

   I don’t know how many years in a row I closed my eyes and blew out candles with that one wish that I would lose weight. I stepped on that scale in a truck stop bathroom, popped a quarter into the slot and waited. The digital numbers. appeared and flashed that I had lost another six pounds, down 49 lbs in three months. 

   So while January 31st passed with little fanfare, I will remember it was the first birthday in I don’t know how long that I was proud of myself and proud to be another year older.


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