BBQ Bacon Chicken Pizza

We love pizza, but having converted to Low Carbicism (it’s totally a religion, like tons of followers putting their faith in the low carb Gods) pizza has been like an ex that still holds on to your heart. So a couple of weeks ago, we found a pizza crust by Flatout that has less carbs so we picked it up and my husband labored over putting together simple pepperoni and olive pizza flats. He cooked them on his little grill outside the truck at a truck stop. Some catastrophic events took place and the pizza ended up on the ground and not in our stomachs (inset shocked, horrified and completely devastated emoji here).

   He has since vowed to avenge the death of parking lot pizza so we decided to add it to our grocery list this week, hoping to find more pizza flats. While at a Walmart yesterday, we came across Mikey’s pizza crust that has only 5g of Carbs per serving (1/2 of a pizza crust) so we decided to give it a shot. This is not an inexpensive alternative at five dollars and change for two crusts. 

Being that this crust is made with almond flour, there is a nutty flavor to this crust and is definitely not for everyone’s taste.

We have smaller paper plates (for portion control purposes) and this fit perfectly on a plate.

I started with a light covering of barbecue sauce and added shredded chicken breast, sliced red onion and shredded Italian cheese blend, a little barbecue sauce on top and of course some cooked bacon.

My husband prepped his gas grill with a layer of foil and put the pizzas on to cook. It took about 25 minutes to get the cheese melted. He had the lid of the grill on most of the time.

A victory was made last night at a truck stop. We got the cooked pizzas back into the truck without incident.

It was a very good pizza, my husband did find the crust to be a bit “odd” which I do agree with, in comparison to most other pizza crusts. For the cost, I do not think we’ll purchase this crust again, however I do feel that at 10g of carbs for a whole pizza, it might just be worth it to use different toppings and maybe a little hot sauce or peppers to help camouflage the nutty taste.


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