Oh Those Holidays!

   Now that Thanksgiving and Christmas have passed, I think I am safe to write about my surviving the holidays in the midst of this new lane in my road trip called “life”. 

   I successfully participated in Holiday celebrations without waking up on December 26th bloated and bewildered and with no regrets about missing out in any part of it because of my new “choices” in food and exercise. 

   My husband and I began out Christmas home time several days before the 25th which was great; I  got to get in a lot of walking while out scouting for the last minute gifts I couldn’t find at Truck stops or Online. We did our usual evening walks as well which I felt was important to continue, to keep up with our usual routine. That being said, here are my thoughts on the whole splurging during the holiday season when you’ve been dieting or eating really well otherwise.

   Ff you truly has been doing well and you plan to eat Holiday Foods over several days just do it in moderation. I don’t feel that the holiday season is a free pass to overindulge and binge just because Aunt Edna made her famous rum cake and you totally need to eat the whole pan because you only get it once a year. For me it was Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I had a little macaroni salad and a little potato salad with half a croissant sandwich with turkey and swiss no condiments add it. On Christmas Eve I positioned myself near a bowl of mixed nuts because they were the healthiest thing that was set out. Within half-an-hour my stomach felt terrible and I knew it had to be the mayonnaise based salad, which is far from our usual diet. As much as I loved my parent’s macaroni salad I knew that the next day I couldn’t try it again. On Christmas Eve I did not partake in sugary sweets or drinks because I knew my parents would have a plethora of home baked goods given to them by their neighbors. There’s something about reserving a portion of your splurging for things made with thought and love- there are the preservatives that you would find in your store bought items that Mrs. Johnson’s cookies don’t have. 

   Another obstacle that I had to handle was the meal we would have at my parents house on Christmas Day. This was the first year we opted for starting our day with brunch. Now usually, this meal is laden with carbs and my father and sister aren’t watching what they eat the way my husband, mom and I are so I knew we’d have to compromise. I made sure to have a small serving of an egg, bacon and hashbrown casserole my father made (and I’m glad I didn’t miss out, it was so good!). I made a mixed fruit salad with a yummy low carb dip and my sister made scones (which I also partook of, splitting them in half and sharing with my husband so that we could try the trio of flavors she baked). There was no going back for seconds, the grazing was kept at a minimum, opting for veggies and a few squares of cheese and salami as well as a few olives and baby dills. 

   Theee was also a dinner course later in the evenimg and I knew a dish of other sorts was needed so my husband made his delicious eggplant lasagna. It was a great alternative to pasta and was a hit all around (okay, almost all around. The eggplant was cut a little too thick for my liking, but it was still delicious).

   And now that the holiday eating is over, we’re back on track and feeling good about our choices. Knowing ahead of time that a big meal or not so carb friendly options will be served allowed me and my husband to tackle the situation before it even started. We walked in to both situations with eyes wide open and surveyed the scene first. We saw healthier alternatives when it came to snacking foods and with the starches, we made sure to take small portions so we could enjoy a variety of things so we didn’t feel like we missed out. And there were several items we chose to avoid altogether because they weren’t something we truly enjoyed so we didn’t add in extra calories/carbs/fat and sugar.

    We did not take left overs with us so there was no extra temptation to eat these “holiday foods” once we ended our visit on Christmas evening. Another big help is drinking tons of water; before, during and after. It helps to make you feel fuller and it flushes all that stuff out right fom the get go. 

   We made sure that the very next day, we had our usual low carb breakfast, lunch and dinner foods ready to go and the reaction we got from family members seeing us in our slightly thinner forms was totally the right boost we needed to keep rolling down this new lane!


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