Bacon Wrapped Chicken & Zuccini Noodles 

I had this tasty idea to make Mozzarella stuffed bacon wrapped chicken and place it on a bed of zuccini noodles (or zoodles as they are sometimes called). 

My husband decided he wanted to handle the cooking of the chicken and while the raw chicken picture looks like it would come out beautifully, it didn’t quite work out that way.

As the chicken cooked on the “steam” setting, it expanded and the bacon sort of fell apart. My husband used string cheese and cut it into disks and stuffed it into a butterflied chicken  breast. Unfortunately, the cheese didn’t all stay in the chicken and by the  time it was plated, there wasn’t much left.

I took care of the zoodles which was easy; added a little pepper to an aluminum loaf pan and placed it in the Lunchbox as the chicken fell apart. I feel we have really taken a liking to spiralized zuccini and don’t really miss the actual pasta flavor.

I placed the chicken breast on top of the zoodles (I just love saying that word!) and drizzled a little alfredo sauce over the top. 

Estimate of Nutritional Value:

305 CAL, 9 CARB, 19 FAT, 20 PRO


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