How Does One Exercise in a Big Rig?

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I have seen posts by avid trucking athletes where they’ve turned their truck (and sometimes the outside of their truck) into a gym. Hopefully one day I will have the resistance bands that I can attach to the trailer or a mat and dumbbells that I can use outside next to the truck, but for now I have to work with what I have.

I start each morning with a few exercises while sitting on our bed. I have found that I can do leg lifts, reverse crunches and if I have a few water bottles handy, I will do arm exercises with a couple of bottles in each hand. When I sit in my chair, I can do knee lifts and more leg lifts and today I somehow found a way to sit and still do crunches. The other big difference is taking advantage of getting out and walking when we stop, whether it’s for a potty break, thirty minute break or at the end of the day. I feel my body has begun to change with all of the switches I’ve made (eating better and moving more) so I find that I really want to get out and move.

My Doc told me she wanted me to start jogging which, for someone who is very overweight seemed like skipping all of the steps in between, but I have wanted to start this jogging thing, I just have to get the proper shoes first. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to get them until our home time in December. I do not want to buy walking/running shoes from WalMart because I know that I need a well made shoe and we have a great Nike Outlet near home base that I can get some good shoes at a cheap price at. I currently own a pair of worn out Chuck Taylors and a pair of steel toed boots and while either might work in a pinch (and I may just try to take a jog in the Chuck’s), I know that it is important to have a good shoe so I don’t injure myself and delay the progress.

I’m hoping to do a little more research and find a few other movements I can do on the truck to work the core and arms and maybe the next trip to WalMart, I cant get the resistance bands. I really am enjoying the newfound energy and love that when I am out walking, my back isn’t hurting and I want to do even more!


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