The Last Week

While on our home time, my husband and I had our annual physicals. It was time for both of us to bring up some things with our doctor, one of the biggest for me was how much this  sedimentary life had changed me both physically and mentally . I have always been the fat kid with a couple of successful  (albeit temporary) attempts at losing weight. But brining that onto the truck, combined with hours  of sitting and weird eating schedules, I couldn’t seem to find that “push” that I needed. I grew increasingly unhappy  with myself and began to believe that if I wasn’t happy with how I looked, there’s no way my husband could be happy with me (despite his multiple reassurances). So I spoke with the Doc about it and I will admit there was a part of me that wanted her to sign me up for weightloss surgery that very day (I totally know that’s not  how it works, but I did feel desperate), instead she said I had to change the way I ate and I had to jog. I haven’t jogged in nearly a decade! But realizing her only prescription for me to lose weight was “that good ol fashioned way”, I had to take it. I chose to start a food journal, which was probably the best decision for the first step, using guidelines Doc gave my husband and I for carbohydrate consumption. She gave him a booklet about eating when you have diabetes which I stole right away and read cover  to cover. When I came apon the vast lists of foods and their nutritional value, I was completely flabbergasted, foods I had turned to when we had decided to start eating healthier months ago were full of carbs. I immediately turned to my best friend; Pinterest for recipe help. It’s been just a week since I did a complete overhaul on our “diet” and I am loving the way I feel. It wasn’t just changing carbs, but adding more water and unprocessed foods to our meals. One of my last splurges was a single bottle of Ginger Ale to have with dinner, until I saw it had 51g of carbs! So I have traded that in for WalMart’s calorie free flavored carbonated water for dinner and regular water and unsweetened tea throughout the day. Writing down everything that I eat has really made me see where my calories, carbs, fats and protien come from and it helps me see where I can have more or less in a meal. I seriously recommend having a food journal and writing the main nutritional values for everything. 

(I have to tell you, I totally feel like when you have that “show up to school naked dream” by showing you this).

But I share this to show you it is still all over the place because I’m just getting started and trying to get my total daily amounts to be more consistent. I’m still learning what is good and not so good. 

I don’t want to make  this post any longer than it has to be, so I will do another (or maybe a couple) to breakdown mealtimes and what we’ve started to do that works for us!

This is the book the Doc gave to my husband, I definitely suggest asking your doctor or obtaining something similar, with lists of nutritional values and suggestions. She wrote the amounts of Carbs for us on the cover which was also helpful.

As I said, this is just the beginning and feeling awesome one week in makes me excited to put more effort in each day. I haven’t started jogging yet, but I am getting out of the truck more and when we stop at a drop off/pick up location, I am doing little work outs in their parking lot.

I had a conversation with my husband a couple days ago about that line I used, finding that “push” to motivate me and I realized, sometimes that push has to find you and when it does, you open your arms wide and hug the hell out of it and don’t let go! Because  when you’ve been battling so long to lose weight, eat healthier and just to get moving, you never know if or when that push will be there . 


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