Dear Readers…

    I first want to thank everyone who actually reads/ views my blog posts. I haven’t posted as frequently on here because it seems interaction is more popular on our Facebook page however that is about to change. I would like to take this blog and focus on something that I feel I didn’t have enough knowledge of when I first got on the truck; how not to get into a rut / how to stay active and eat healthfully without turning into an actual broccoli floret. 
   I will do a separate post about what  spawned the whole thing in the near future, but for now, the simple act of declaring my intentions will suffice. If you do not currently subscribe to our blog, I would love the validation of you doing so 😉. And please feel free to share with your friends or maybe even your enemies, they just may be so bored by it, they jump off a cliff! 

Thank you all!


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