Asian Chicken & Noodles

We are always on the lookout for different types of noodles or pasta and we found these at a WalMart on the road:

They are super fine and delicate and have a slight salty taste to them. As soon as they hit the water, the dry noodles instantly went limp and by the time I grabbed my pasta spoon, they were nearly done! I am a huge fan of angel hair pasta and this is nearly the same size but texturally softer.

(Here are the details of these cloud noodles… okay, I totally made that name up, but it fits!)

   To get our chicken well marinated, I added 2 chicken breasts to a plastic baggie the night before and added Soy Sauce, Hoisin Sauce and a Sweet Ginger Garlic seasoning by Simply Asian (this stuff is so good).

   My husband grilled the chicken on our little propane grill and it was the perfect way to cook the meat for this dish! 

(The pieces on the right are for another meal, stay tuned for that recipe!)

So I boiled the water and as soon as it was boiling, I added in the noodles

It took just a few minutes for the noodles to be done but I prepared the stir fry vegetables to be heated in the steamer tray:

I decided to just remove the cooked noodles after I drained the water and toss the veggies into the pot of the Aroma. Within a few minutes, the veggies were steaming, so I add the noodles back to the pot with a sprinkle of the Asian seasoning:

The noodles are quite sticky so a little soy sauce, butter or other medium may be needed to unclump them. 

   I then sliced the chicken breast and placed them in the steamer tray and into the Aroma to get everything all heated:

   After a few minutes, I placed the sliced chicken on a bed of noodles and vegetables and added a few wonton strips for a little crunch!

It was a very good and easy meal to make on the truck. There isn’t much I would change about this, other than possibly not removing the noodles after I have drained the water and just add the vegetables straight into the pot to warm.


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