Forces of Nature


In the twenty months that I have been on the road with my husband, it seems that we have only been caught in a couple of storms (both rain and snow) and more times than I can count, we’ve just missed them. Just a day or two after leaving a state, we will read a news report that they are experiencing some force of nature.


You know that feeling of getting on a roller coaster and your heart beats in anticipation of the fun but at the same time the butterflies are having a full on rave inside your chest cavity because you know that ride isn’t instantaneous and over in the blink of an eye; the scenery around you is flying by and you’re stuck in a seat and just praying it doesn’t derail from it’s track? Yeah, that’s sort of how my first experience with snow was.

I prayed more on that trip than the culmination of my entire life and the muscles in my right arm throbbed from gripping the door handle so tightly as we made even the slightest turn. And at the end of the day, I had a newfound appreciation for my husband and his ability to drive a big rig through blustery snow (and it was totally a turn on).


Moving to present day; we are sitting at a Love’s Truck Stop in Lexington, SC awaiting this force of nature they call Hurricane Matthew. I have watched a few updates in the last couple of hours as the outer bands have reached the shores of Florida but I’m finding my own fears start to creep up on me so I have to put the phone down (because we are so in an age where we get our news updates on our phones, especially truck drivers and their passengers). I have never been through a hurricane before, this is new frontier for me. We could experience a high volume of rain and super strong winds and we are on the opposite coast of our country from home.

My husband did happen to decide to do his 34 hour reset in Lexington on the off chance a friend or family member might be available to meet up, but we are now finding just how valuable that decision was, if we need to seek refuge away from the truck stop, there may be someone we know that we can call to come and get us. My hope is that we can stay inside our truck where we have food, water, electricity and all of our belongings.

All we can do for the next several days is watch Hurricane Matthew make its way up the coast until it hits South Carolina and hope its strength diminishes the further North it goes. We have a fully loaded trailer of other people’s belongings on our flatbed so we can’t just drive West away from this force of nature, we have to wait it out and once the path is clear, we will proceed to Florida to complete our trip. Ah, the life of trucking.

No matter the “force of nature” we may be faced with out on the road (bad weather, sitting in hours of traffic, running crazy hours, etc.), my husband and I are together and I am so thankful for that. There was a short period of time before I got on the truck when my husband would call to tell me he was going through bad weather and I was helpless, if something happened, I wasn’t there with him. This week, my heart is going out to the people at home (the trucker’s wife/husband, parent, sibling, whomever they may be) just as much as it is with the drivers on the road, hoping to get to a safe haven before that hurricane hits where they are.

I look forward to the update to this post once this force of nature has passed, when I can say that I’ve actually been in a hurricane. Okay, now I know millions of people deal with hurricanes, tornados and other catastrophic events all of the time, but this California girl has only recently stepped out of her bubble and is still learning the ways of the road.


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