Tostadas on the Truck

   These delicious Tostadas are so simple to make (even on a semi truck), the challenge comes with keeping all of the ingredients from falling onto your plate!

   I cooked chicken breast (seasoned with a dash of salt and pepper) in the Aroma on “white rice” setting with a splash of water in the bottom of the pot. I put the refried beans into a disposable aluminum loaf pan and heated them in the lunch box cooker, making sure to stir often so they don’t burn or stick to the bottom. Once the chicken is finished, I removed it from the pot and shredded it. You can place toatada shells in the steamer tray of the Aroma with a little bit of water in the pot and set to “steam” for just a minute and your shells will be warm. Also, if your chicken gets cold, place on a paper towel into the steamer tray to heat it up as well.

   To assemble the tostadas, I placed the refried beans on the shell as a base and topped them with onion straws we had on hand, per my husband’s request. I then topped with shredded chicken, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, sour cream and chopped olives. We normally use sliced olives but hubby accidentally grabbed the wrong kind. I did find the chopped olives stuck to the sour cream a little better though! I did add a few drops of hot sauce to my husband’s tostadas for a little heat, but you can totally add sliced jalapeños or a little jalapeño juice to your sour cream for a little kick.
   Once your tostadas are assembled, enjoy! But as I said in the beginning,  chances of toppings falling off are probable so make sure to eat over a plate and preferably not in your favorite white cashmere sweater! 


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