“Crockpot” Chicago Style Pizza (Made in the Aroma Cooker on a Semi Truck)


The meals we come up with to cook on the road are often meals we wouldn’t have normally cooked when we had a fully functioning kitchen in our apartment, but the Aroma Rice Cooker has changed the way we cook and allows us to make delicious home made (or truck made, in this case) meals so easily with little prep and next to no clean up duty.

My husband has talked about making a Chicago style pizza for as long as I can remember and he finally got the opportunity to put his idea to fruition last night. We do take some short cuts when it comes to ingredients due to our limited storage space as well as prep space, but you can always prepare your own ingredients from scratch, barring you have the know-how, or Google!


1 can refrigerated pizza crust

8 Slices Provolone Cheese (cut in half)

5 Strips of Cooked Bacon


Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (about 1 cu)

Pizza Sauce (we used 1 small jar)

Parmesan (to top)

Parchment Paper (2 strips cut 2″ wide)

Putting it Together:

Place two strips of parchment paper cross wise into the Aroma, making sure the strips come up the sides (you will use these to remove the pizza from the pot).

Lay your pizza dough out and roll it to a larger diameter than the bottom of the Aroma pot (you will want to have it come up the sides of the pot about 1 1/2″).

Place pizza crust into bottom of pot, making sure to stretch it out to the edges and up the sides.

Add 8 halves of the Provolone onto the dough, followed by 5 strips of bacon cut in half, and then the other 8 halves of Provolone, followed by enough Pepperoni to cover the Provolone, next sprinkle 1 cu of shredded Mozzarella onto the Pepperoni, spread your jar of pizza sauce on top and add Parmesan to the top of that.


Set your Aroma to the “white rice” setting, place steamer tray with a folded paper towel/napkin on top (the paper towel will capture the condensation and prevent your crust from being soggy) and close lid. Let cook for 1 hr and 20 minutes.

Once the pizza is finished, use the parchment paper strips to lift the pizza from the Armoa, let set for 5 minutes and cut! (And then enjoy, of course!)


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