I Am A Road Wife

   I am a trucker’s wife, but my role as a trucker’s wife is quite different from the wife that stays at home, “holding down the fort” while my trucker  is on the road. Those ladies are a strong army of their own; many of them working a full (or part) time job, taking care of all the needs of the house, raising children and having a long distance relationship with a man who is always on the move and may only stop home for a few days every few weeks or even months.


    I am a road wife, I live on the truck with my husband. I found out I wasn’t cut out to be part of the strong army rather early into my husband’s trucking career. We have no children and we found ourselves having no home of our own so it was the perfect choice for us. I am the food cooker, trash picker upper, offical underwear folder and have now added cargo strapper, ETA caller and trip sheet filler outer to my resume.


   With all of my road wife duties, I feel the biggest asset I am is the company keeper. Truck drivers endure long tedious hours of navigating through traffic, never end road work and thousands of different personalities sharing the roads. Listening to hours of talk radio specified to the trucking industry, I am feeling even more compelled to recruit others like myself to join their loved ones on the road.



   Yes, we miss birthdays, graduations and holidays but when we get home time, we do our best to make it count. Technology is ever evolving and we now can keep in touch with our loved ones at any given moment, we can even talk face to face! I started my Semi Suite Life Facebook page to keep a social media journal of our travels so our friends and family could follow along whenever they had a free moment.


   Had I not joined my husband on the road, I feel I would have missed even more. Sitting beside him each day I am reassured this was where I am supposed to be. Being in the loop of the trucking industry, I find my days are filled with “truck talk”; from truck driver fatalities due to falling asleep at the wheel to drivers being killed by another driver or a passenger vehicle during a road rage argument. I have seen my husband get frustrated at other drivers and I’ve heard other drivers use very colorful language on the CB radio toward him. I can interject and help my husband calm down and be that voice of reason, I can help to keep him awake until we get to a safe place to stop and I get to experience his frustrations first hand and we can work them out together. Prior to joining him on the truck, I felt his anger and stress was unjust which made our conversations strained and usually resulted in one of us hanging up on the other.


    I honestly believe if more drivers had someone with them in the truck, relationships could be saved, traffic incidents could be prevented and the over all happiness of drivers would improve. I know it’s not for every one, but if my experiences could help someone on the fence about that decision, it would make my opportunity all the more rewarding!



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