A Year On The Road Pt 2

   Within a few short days of joining my husband on his truck, I quickly began to realize why his attitude had changed, why we fought so much and why we seemed to be on opposite ends of life.
   The first fleet my husband worked for was WalMart, he was based out of a distribution center in Sparks, Nevada. The drivers from this fleet only delivered to WalMarts in California, a couple in Nevada and one in Oregon so they saw the same places and faces on a daily basis. When the drivers weren’t on the road, they were sitting at the distribution center awaiting a load, this made it very difficult for my husband because that was not what he envisioned doing and his paychecks suffered. At least once I was a passenger, I was able to witness the frustration first hand and that eliminated quite a few arguments there.
  I was enjoying being on the truck and not working anymore, however we both knew we wanted to “spread our wings” and go over the road (long haul). James was able to speak directly with one of the owners of the company on a visit to the distribution center and within a short time, my husband had secured a position on a new fleet.
   I saw his entire disposition change immediately once he had gotten his new truck and hitched on the flatbed, no more dry van and no more refer. I began taking more part in his job as well; learning to strap on cargo, filling out trip packs, calling in our ETA’s and trip planning. There were no more days wasted sitting at the distribution center waiting for loads, I was seeing places my husband  had told me about during his training.
   It did take some adjusting,  when we had arguments neither of us could really leave so we had to learn how to work them out,  I was still trying to figure out how to trust that he had left his mistakes in the past. But with each new state we traveled through, I grew more excited. It was amazing to see sunsets over desert land or mountains of red clay towering on the horizon. I wasn’t white knuckling the door handle as I had in the stressful traffic we had left behind in California. We spend hours on end rolling down two lane interstates , stopping at truck stops where people had discernable accents. The best part was seeing new places together, not my husband describing places to me over the phone and me feeling left out of this new chapter of his life.
   We got to stop and visit family members if they lived along our routes of travel, I met one of my husband’s Aunts and his brother for the first time and he got to meet a group of my family as well. I was adjusting to life on a semi truck quite well and loved being a member of the sisterhood of trucker’s wives. I was able to bring a different view to the ladies who were unable to join their truckers on the road, to help them see why it is difficult for the men (and women) who are in this industry. But I also got to see just how strong those ladies (and some men) have to be to stay home and raise the family and share their significant other’s attention with the road.
   I have now been through all four seasons out on the road and have experienced mother nature’s beauty and her wrath, I have feared very much for the safety of myself and my husband, but once we were out of the storm, I also felt so much pride that my husband was smart, skillful and safe at his job, the job he has wanted all of his life, the job he was born to do.
   At some point in my life, I suppose I will have to get off the truck but as of right now, I have no intention in doing so. We have traveled down some interstates many times now, but on each trip, I see something new and that is what makes this lifestyle all worth while, especially because I get to experience it with my best friend.


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