Trucking And Professionalism


A truck driver stops at a truck stop,  the company he is representing emblazoned on the door in bright lettering and sometimes with graphics. The air brakes hiss and the door begins to open, who steps out? The company surely hopes it is a driver in work appropriate shoes, such as fully laced work boots, a decent pair of jeans or dockers and a shirt that is clean without stains and holes and perhaps wearing a hat with the company logo embroidered on it.
While this is the median of what I’ve seen, it is the other two thirds that really catch ones eye and are most memorable. I have seen men in business suites and black dress boots striding across the fuel island to their trucks and I have seen men in stained sweat pants (their belly or butt crack on display for all to see), holey tshirt with last night’s dinner still lurking and footwear ranging from flip flops to slippers, fueling their rigs.
Sitting in a truck all day is uncomfortable, so yes I wouldn’t expect all drivers to wear suits, but it is such a shame to see drivers not even care about their appearance. I get if you’re on a 34 or your shift is over, but most are enroute to a distributor (of sorts) and that is how their receiver will see them. It makes me think, if you don’t give a crap about your appearance, why would you give a crap about my cargo you’re hauling?
I make sure my husband’s clothes are washed and any holes are mended, I expect an oil stain or grease spot every now and then and working with straps gets us both dirty, but I know our company would be appalled if we dressed like some of these other drivers.
Even as a truckers wife, I wake up each day and put a bra on, do my hair and put on a little bit of make up as well as a clean  tshirt, jeans and tennis shoes. My husband and I take pride in what we do, aside from actually driving and checking fluids, I do everything he does so I make it a point to dress decently as well.
Drivers (and their passengers) will not be taken seriously or looked at as professionals if we don’t earn it! My door has my husband’s employer’s name on it, therefore I show just as much respect as my husband does.
I understand that we cant always find a laundry facility or take a shower, but there are steps one can take to still maintain a hygenic appearance. We use baby wipes and Febreeze whenever necessary, they are a truckers best friend. Combing your hair, washing your face and brushing your teeth should be a part of your daily routine regsrdless of who you are! I love when I see a driver cross the parking lot with a toiletry bag, they are going to a public restroom to clean up, not worried about privacy, but want to make sure they have a respectable appearance. My husband has his bag ready to go when we take a shower and if it’s been a few days, he will shave on the truck with a bowl of water.
We all have different reasons for who we are and why we do the things we do, but when you are employed and have access to facilities that will keep you looking respectable, there is no excuse! Respect is earned,  not just given and I have heard far too many in the trucking industry complain about a lack of respect; you need to take a good look at your actions before you speak!


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