We Are All In This Together!


Look at this world we live in. Take a moment in your busy life to think of how far we have come as human beings. What once were dirt roads traveled on by horseback or covered wagon are now paved streets and towering interchanges with nearly half a dozen lanes on either side and speeds near one hundred miles per hour. There are mopeds, motorcycles, sedans, sports cars, pickup trucks and big rigs;  all designed to travel at various speeds,  accelerate and decelerate at different speeds and amounts of time. There are laws of speed and laws of physics,  both of which when tested or disrespected can cause a fatal outcome.
I can only assume you are alive today because you want to be and that you are not incarcerated because you have made the conscious decisions in life to keep you in the free world.
That all being said, we have to work together to stay alive! As a full time passenger on a semi truck, I am fully aware of the perception most other vehicles (or anyone who has never ridden in one and seen it’s limitations, it’s power as well as it’s inability to make every other vehicle visible to the truck driver at all times). Give each other a little space, pass on the left and only do so when it’s safe to re-enter your lane after a safe distance from the vehicle you are passing. When you switch lanes, watch for motorcycles or smaller vehicles.
We are all engrossed in social media or the nightly news and see horrific traffic collisions (I can’t call them accidents, that is just being naive), we all shake our heads at the negligent drivers who chose to become intoxicated and get being the wheel or were on their cell phone or grabbing a drink from a cup holder or turning our head to the back seat to talk to our children or other passengers or worse yet, deliberately cutting someone off or break checking them because we are not willing to make a conscious effort to drive safely. 
This is the age of the “not me”. We are living in a time where people are so self involved and filled with self entitlement that we are delusional to the vulnerability we all face because every other person we will interact with has the same mentality. You watch those mangled heaps of metal on the news or hear a motorcyclists helmet cam capture the sound of squealing tires and think “how completely moronic that guy/girl was” for taking their attention from driving or taking out their aggression on another motorist. But we do the exact same thing!
Putting aside all other forms of “murder” at this time and focusing on vehicular incidents,  we are killing or own species off!  I cannot stress enough the importance to put away your human instinct of multi tasking while you’re driving! And for the sake of your own life or freedom of said life, do not allow your road rage or feeling of grandeur to take over and put yourself or others in danger. Having the ability to (legally) drive a motorized vehicle is a privilege, not your right, do not get that twisted!
Please lead your lives by example;  for yourself, your children or grandchildren and for other motorists. I have done my fair share of flipping someone off or using overly exaggerated hand gestures while swearing up a storm,  I am no angel, but if we all make an effort to drive to stay alive, we can live to see if the Jetsons were right about the future of transportation!


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