Back In My Day…


Okay, I have officially reached that stage in adulthood where I find myself starting a sentence with “back in my day…” a lot more often than I’d like.
But this morning I saw a question posted in my newfeed regarding the going rate for the tooth fairy. I was intrigued,  knowing multiple people from all decades and walks of life had chimed in with their experience.
The consensus ranged from $3 to $20…. TWENTY DOLLARS?! When in the world did this happen? My old lady inner voice is screaming “back in my day…!” whilst smacking her cane on my front temporal lobe.
But seriously, back in my day we got between .25 cents and a dollar. No five year old should be paid a Jackson for biological inevitability!
So that sparked my parental defensiveness (which is funny because I don’t even have kids yet,  but I do have a vivid imagination). What will I do as a parent when that time comes?


I was born in 1980 and spent my childhood believing in the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus and I loved it! There was such a sense of wonder waking up on the morning of these “holidays” to see what was brought for me and my sister. What a magical feeling to wake up to a quarter or dollar under my pillow, or a brightly decorated plastic woven Easter basket or that one big gift from Santa. We never questioned how the gifter brought these things or why our school mates got more or less than we did. There was no social parental governing to remind us we weren’t poor or rich. We lived in a bubble of middle classness and that was amazing! But now? So much emphasis is put on how different everyone is and at the same time, everything has to be inclusive.
So what will I do as a parent? I shall bring my imagination forth and say what I think I will do, based on my experiences and what kind of childhood I would want my children to have. (Okay, all you parents who said you’d do the same until you actually had kids, feel free to roll your eyes and laugh).
The post on my newsfeed did uproot some uncertainty when it comes to the tooth fairy; Pinterest has awesome ideas for celebrating that special time, but I refuse to take out a loan to pay my kids for a set of teeth that will inevitably fall out. And I certainly would feel terrible that my child would feel upset knowing there is only one tooth fairy in existence and for some reason, the kid down the block got twenty bucks from that same fairy who left a few coins under my kid’s pillow.
Perhaps I will just raise my family on a semi truck and home school them so that their spirits cannot be destroyed by another child whose parents are out of touch with reality or who may only know how to buy their child’s love?
No, I can’t do that.  I guess all I can do is try my best to be prepared for each new situation that arises and make lots of calls to my parents on how they handled things, because they truly did an awesome job raising two daughters who spent their childhood believing in magic and did not turn out to be serial killers!


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