The Annual Running of the Winnebagos


It’s that time of year again, overzealous families pile into the family wagon on a quest to make memories all the while trying not to kill each other before reaching Great Aunt Edna’s house on the other side of the United States. I did not have to suffer through cross country family road trips as a child, but I did hear some entertaining stories from my father and grandmother about their tales of travel with 5 boys back in the sixties.
This is our first official Summer in the truck. In fact, this week marks my husband’s one year anniversary as a professional truck driver. I will admit, I’m not much of a people person (shocking, I know!) But being inside of 80,000 pound rig coasting down a hill and not being at the wheel has brought about many colorful words for these people we call summer travelers. I just feel it is important to share from the perspective of someone such as myself, as well as my husband (people who live in the road). I’ve seen it said before that a truck drivers office is the interstate, I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. This subject riles me up simply because we have been cut off, not allowed to get into the proper lane or exit when necessary and nearly run off the road a few times by a swerving fifth wheel or Winnebago.
But another issue that I want to bring to the forefront is your family’s safety when stopping at a travel stop. Just yesterday I read an article about a toddler that was killed when he ran across the fuel island and another truck struck him without even seeing him. The child’s father is a trucker and should have known better than to let him out of the vehicle at a fuel pump anyhow. But I do understand it may simply not come to mind for most people who do not visit gas stations / fuel stops where numerous trucks are present. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your children in the vehicle during fueling and to hold their hand across the parking lot. And please for the love of Regis, once you reach the doors to the travel stop do not let your children run inside like straight up fools! The population of people inside these travel stops are truck drivers who are probably ending a 14 hour shift and the last thing they want it to have to contend with unruly children as they are submitting paperwork and getting somethin to eat.
Truck drivers don’t mind sharing the road with people who are courteous and understanding that they have a time constraint on their hands, so be aware of your lane,  pick one and stay in it and if those kids start arguing in the back seat,  I’m sure there’s a driver or two that wouldn’t mind giving them a taking to!
Happy Summer Travels!


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