Seeing the Country (sort of)

Tonight we are stopped at a Love’s truck stop in Indiana. As we pulled in, across the street I could see large colorful statues of animals displayed at a plant nursery.





I got so excited to see something unusual,  it was kind of sad. I knew coming into the truck that we are very limited to where we can drive, after all we can’t expect to fit a tractor and 48′ flat bed into any parking lot just because we want to see the world’s largest ball of yarn! But I was hoping we’d get to catch a glimpse at more amazing roadside attractions. Most of our driving time is spent watching trees and mountains breeze by us (and more road construction than I’ve see in my other 34 years of life! ).


Don’t get me wrong, I do still love getting up each morning knowing that I will get to see such beautiful sights, something just a little bit different than the day before. But for anyone thinking of joining a trucker on the road,  be prepared for long stretches of road that looks like Mother Nature on a looped reel. And when you do see those little nuggets of “we don’t have this back home!” cherish them 🙂


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