Learning to Love Social Media

A few years back I was a jewlery maker and wanted to share my craft with the world and also make a little money on the side. I set up a facebook page specifically for my jewelry and my husband’s leather work, I was working a full time job as well so I didn’t have much time to devote marketing to my jewelry. While we had the supporters, many of whom we had never met, I feel that our page was not a success.


Jumping to present day I am seeing the power of Instagram and that annoying little thing we have named the “hashtag”. I am now running a Facebook page,  blog and Instagram for Semi Suit Life. While I feel my blog is definitely still growing, I also see that with a simple hashtag I could reach dozens of people on Instagram. I feel quite a bit more confidence is the concept of Semi Suite Life because it is more of a travel page then a page trying to sell something. I also find with a simple hashtag I can meet other people who are experiencing or like the same things that I do.
So I sit here today after posting numerous Instagram photos and having my notifications continuously chirping, how did I not realize this gem before? One of my favorite photos to get while out on the road is the state welcome sign.


When I go to post this photo on Instagram I can add the hashtag of the state, city or other relevant keywords and anyone who looks at those hashtags will see my photos pop up. If someone really likes the photo they can then go to my Instagram page and see all of the photos I have and the only thing I can hope is that they begin to follow me so they can continue to see my photos. Each new day on the road I am falling more and more in love with traveling, seeing the different terrains of states as well as the roadside attractions brings me so much happiness and having the opportunity to share it with the world means so much to me.
All too often my personal Facebook page is inundated with gossip in some form or another, or half a dozen people who have something negative or stressful going on in their lives, my hope is Semi Suite Life will gain enough exposure and help people realize how much this world has to offer us with all her beauty and diversity and just maybe we can move into a more positive state of mind!


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