First Mother’s Day away from home

I hope all of our readers had a wonderful Mother’s Day and got to spend it with loved ones. We were unable to get a load home and spent 34 hours in Weed, California.  Our consolation was an amazing view of Mt. Shasta from our windshield.


Which I turned into this…


I will tell you, if I can help it, we will not be stopping at this truck stop again. As the Sun left the sky something else took its place. I remember sitting in the truck watching Hulu on my phone and out of the corner of my eye, I see something fluttering outside. I rolled my window down to get a better look and above the truck against the black sky where tens of thousands a fluttering wings… My own personal horror movie come to life. What I had seen were moths. As I have expressed before I have a paranoia about any winged creature (to which my husband pointed out, if I was going to heaven how would I be able to stand everybody wearing wings?)
This occurrence happened both nights we were there, in the morning when we awoke and surveyed the truck and trailer we found several dozen clusters of moths wedged between the containers and straps as well as many others just hanging out on the truck. James shook the straps to release them and as his faithful wife stood by his side to assist if need be, I begin shrieking and dancing like a paranoid freak. Later that day we arrived at the location to offload two of our Pods. Part of my job is to help take the straps off of the existing Pods, roll them up and set them for the next set of pots or remove them if we were not getting any more. I thought I could do it, I figured I have grown quite a tough skin being out on the road. But the moment my hands began to unravel the strap one moth fluttered out and I lost it. My dear husband went ahead and released all of the straps, each one exposing one or more moths which took flight toward me. I figured I could at least help roll the straps so my husband brought them to me at a safe distance where I continued to flinch at the slightest rustle of leaves on the ground. I must say, I’m quite proud of myself despite my reaction. Had this happened on day one I would have locked myself in the truck and refused to be of any assistance under any circumstances.



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