Truckers Don’t Do It For The Money

Boastful ads litter trucking magazines and travel centers; make over $1k a week and have every weekend off… .75 cents a mile and 3k guaranteed a week. And while these jobs may exist, it’s rare to find the trucker that makes this. Just being on a distribution center yard, you hear it all- bumming cigarettes because tomorrow’s pay day and there’s not a dollar left in the bank,  truckers who haven’t eaten in a day or two because their money went to their wives and kids back home or their makeshift pantry houses only ramen noodles. These men and women have something in their blood unlike any other, a desire to push their bodies and mental stability to the limit for the love of the road. Dads and moms spending weeks and months away from their kids to earn a dollar, marriages (if their lucky to still be married) are dancing on a fiber thin line. The road has claimed many relationships and spirits,  but they keep going back to their asphalt mistress.
And what about when your heart has been enraptured by one of these road warriors? How do you decide if your relationship is more important than money? You decide which you would rather live without. And for us, money may be scarce,  but it will come. Being paid by the mile and per trip leaves volumes of room for error, but why is that? These people are out sacrificing their lives and families to move the goods of the world, but they can’t get paid on time for what they do. And when you call your boss to find out what happened to all the information you so dutifully turned in, they find it, someone in the office “dropped the ball” but you’ll get your money… next week. So the pantry is bare, their jug of water is running out and for those so inclined, the pack of Pall Malls is empty and now there’s nothing keeping that trucker from yelling and honking at those 4 wheelers. But they keep truckin’, because like the blood in their veins,  if they stop, their lives stop.


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