Stopped in Sparks for the Night

The air in the truck was surely alive with anxiousness and anticipation as we began or climb up the mountains of I-80 today.  We finally got on the road after a couple of our stops for last minute necessities and medications (since we don’t know when we will be near a pharmacy that we use).



James decided we should stop at our usual Petro truck stop in Sparks for showers and laundry and to sleep for the night. 
As we prepared our bags to take inside,  we see a CR England rig pull in with a flatbed of Pods.


I became quite excited because we had only seen 2 other Englad trucks from the Pods fleet in the time I have been on the truck.  James had pointed them out well before he had gotten the position on the Pods fleet because he had been wanting that job for quite some time. I felt it was an omen for our future happiness and success on our new fleet. James decided to go say hi to his new fleet partner.  Upon meeting the man,  James found out he is actually the very person who will be training James how to strap down the Pods (on Saturday in Salt Lake). What a coincidence! James came back to the truck to tell me the news and I went over to meet him. It turns out his wife just left her job this week to join him on his truck as well. James mentioned that I was doing the blog and his trainer told him that he and his wife had just created a Facebook page yesterday to inform their friends of their travels so that they could have meetups.
While en route to the truck stop this afternoon, James and I had discussed starting a Facebook page for our journey so that our friends and family would know where we are heading (since the blog is usually the information of where we have been).


I had this book I had just finished reading (I have a slight obsession with Helen Keller) and James suggested I leave it inside the Truck Stop in a random place for someone to pick up. I decided to add a sticky note saying I was passing it on and asked the recipient to let me know what they thought of the book, so I gave them my blog address (also a little plug for the blog and hopefully they start to follow it). So we left it on the folding table in the laundry area. Fingers crossed we get a taker!
After our showers and laundry we go back to the truck and I realized we had actually seen his trainer’s truck before! A week or so ago we were at a Love’s Truck Stop and I commented on the patriotic decals the man had all over his truck (the American flag draped over the hood and decals of the armed forces on the side). I am just baffeled at the happenstance of it all.
Another thing I wanted to share is my crafty and creative prowess; due to the bumpy roads, some of our smaller plastic storage drawers had flown out of their containers as we were taveling down the road. I knew I had to fix them before the final 7 hour drive to Salt Lake tomorrow. So while we were at WalMart, I got some velcro and wide ribbon.


I stuck a strip of velcro to the bottom of each of the culprits and adhered the ribbon with the other side of velcro. Those pieces won’t have to ever be taken off. I did the same for the top. This way, whenever we need to get into the drawers, all we have to do is peel back the top ribbon. I know a lot of truckers use tape, but I hate the sticky residue and having to remove tape each time we need the contents of a drawer will cause a loss in the adhesive’s effectiveness.
So it is now time for us to get some sleep. I look forward to sharing more of our adventures with you all soon!


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