Ready To Roll!

The long awaited trip has finally come!


Our new truck is packed and while there are still a few things to reorganize, we are put together enough to move on out tomorrow.


This is our top bunk. We moved all storage containers to one place so it will be easier to access. (This is where the reorganizing will be mostly focused).


Our big beautiful 4.5 cu ft refrigerator that we had decided to stop working after only two months so another truck driver at the yard gave us this little guy in the meantime. I’m not too sad to lose such a large fridge because the only place it was able to fit was on the top bunk and I couldn’t even reach its top two shelves nor the small freezer space. This one is a 12v which is also a nice feature, so we aren’t pulling power from the inverter.


Here is the bear James gave me several months back while he was on the road solo. His name is CJ England (our initials plus the company name). He makes this truck look cool.


And this is our new woredrobe closet, still messy and needs organizing,  but this one comes with a shelf to separate hanging clothes from folded ones. There are two pockets in the door, one for each of us to put our slippers in.

Tomorrow we will be heading out just around noon for Salt Lake City, UT. James will have some formal strap training there and then we will hopefully have our first load! I am so excited to finally start the real journey. We met some very nice people at the WalMart DC and will miss seeing them around, but we are relieved that our near daily trek up the Sierras had come to an end!
I want to thank my blog readers for being a part of this journey and I ask as well as encourage you to let a friend or two know about our blog! Bon Voyage!


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