The last week and and a half we have been busy busy with some great runs, albeit to places we frequently do deliveries to but lots of miles nonetheless. I have to say,  my favorite place to go to is  Sonora, for the scenery along the way.






I wasn’t able to share the photos the day(s) of our trip because there is absolutely no cell phone service up in that area for us. I loved the old buildings and wish we could stop in town to look around, but there aren’t many places to just park a big rig on the side of the road.

We found out we can’t keep the same truck for our Pods Fleet, so we spent today cleaning out the truck and packing up our belongings in my car until we have a new truck to put them in. Tomorrow we return to the yard and are supposed to drop off this truck, but as of right now, we don’t have another truck so it’s a little bit od a stressful transition.


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