Full Circle


Recently we have had several runs in Sacramento which have taken us through areas we used to live in. Going down 47th Avenue brings back a sea of memories for Jmes and I to share as we are going to pick up a back haul from the Nestlé water plant. Our first apartment was on that street, we knew nothing about the area but chose these apartments because I was supposed to transfer my job to this area. The job did not work out, I stayed with the same location an hour and a half away. To be where we are now and talk about how things were 6 years ago definitely warms the heart. I was a Preschool teacher and my husband worked for Home Depot and we barely scraped by. But there was so much love in that apartment despite the loud, rude neighbors and its dangerous neighborhood, we stayed. As we drive through this area now, we are armed with so much more knowledge, not only about the neighborhood but about ourselves and each other. We had hopes and dreams, living on that street that maybe one day we would get married and have kids, Jamed talked about being a truck driver and I had hoped to find a job that didn’t take 3 hours round trip to commute. My husband and I saw each other just a few hours each day and had most conversations in the hour or two before bed, over dinner. And now here we are, spending 24 hours a day with one another and playing the “do you remember when…,” game.
Its just amazing to me where life could take you, you do your best to hold on tight to the handlebars and pedal your little heart out to obtain the happy life your mind and heart thinks it wants. And when you get the opportunity to look back on your choices and the actual events that happened you realize you don’t have much control. But I will tell you what makes us not go crazy, is accepting the ride. Because at some point life brings us back full circle and we realized we would not be where we are today without those experiences; those noisy neighbors and the sound of gunshots that thicken our skin. And what once were two individuals learning how to work together have now become a unity, supporting each other through the struggles and making it all worth while.


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