The Time Has Come


The news we have been waiting for has finally arrived!  My husband was on a list to drive for the Pods Fleet for CR England and they finally called to offer him the last position available.  He had put himself on a few other OTR lists but had been expressing his  hopes for this particular fleet for some time now. We are not sure where we will be sent to pick up the flatbed but we do start in 2 weeks. We will be going all over the lower 48 states with the possibility of Canada. We will pick up and deliver Pods to various Pod stores. My trucker is excited to not have to back into loading docks anymore. So my blog should get a lot more interesting in the weeks to come. I would like to know, from my readers, do you alll have “side of the road” stops you recommend us stopping if we can? And better yet, any truck stops/rest stops you’ve been to? We bought a booklet with all of the truck accessible stops we can take but I am hoping there are neat attractions nearby! And we are both excited for the possibility to be able to stop and see family along the way.  There are still many members of my husband’s family I have yet to meet,  after 6 1/2 years of us being together! Here’s hoping the next two weeks fly by!


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