Tips for the Lady’s Life on the Road: Pt. 5 The Big Rig Kitchen


I belong to a group on Facebook called Big Truck Cooking, I highly suggest you join and remain an active visitor, there are
people from all areas of the map with various tastes in food and various means of appliances in which to cook. As I told you before, I have a handy dandy stackable storage container with my plasticware on the top and in the bottom tray I have my other cooking utensils.  I find 1 large serving spoon, 1 spatula and 2 steak knives are the gist of utensils we use. I also have a can opener, foil and regular size aluminum loaf pans (I’ll tell you why in a few minutes).
I try to have a balance of foods to cook; half refrigerated ingredients and half dry goods. We have a 4.5 cu ft fridge with 1 door. It has a very small freezer space at the top inside but quite a bit of space otherwise. (In the first picture, you can see my storage container with the orange clasps).



The only appliances we have are our single serve coffee maker (what I love about this one is it uses a small cup instead of pods or k cups so we can buy loose ground coffee to use) and our 12v Roadpro Lunchbox Oven. We will be upgrading the oven to a Burton digital in the future, but for now this little guy is perfect size for 2. Downfalls of this one are it has no temp control though,  it’s highest temp is 300 degrees and does take some time to heat up, lastly it will get the bottom very hot but the top barely gets warm. But for $30 it does its job! This is where the foil and loaf pans come in- we will use foil to line it when cooking things like frozen burritos or wrap food and stick it in. For things like chilli or mashed potatoes  we use the loaf pans. I have found those at WalMart 3 for .88 cents for their brand. If you get them at a Pilot or other truck stop they are $3.99 for 3.
We have chosen to use paper plates and styrofoam bowls (yes, I know it’s terrible for the environment) for eating out of. We have some rubbermaid bowls with lids for food prep, but with no running water and limited space, it’s too much for us to wash all our dishes if we did it otherwise, especially when trying to fit in meals when the truck is not moving and most nights we don’t eat dinner until 11pm after 14 hours on the road.  But if you are down for washing all your dishes, more power to you and I’m sure Mother Earth thanks you as well.
The Food:
We usually shop for a week at a time due to limited space mostly, and because my husband gets paid weekly, I find it easier to manage our budget thst way. We keep things like Nutra Grain bars or Bel Vita breakfast biscuits on hand for most mornings (we do usually have a box of cereal for the mornings we dont have to get up and rush right back out). But a bar and coffee are perfect for my husbsnd to eat while driving. We don’t always get to eat an actual lunch so we have those  individual bags of snack crackers or chips to tide us over, I try to do sandwiches whenever possible. I am not a big meat eater (bless my husband’s heart for not leaving me for that!) But we do vegetarian options where we can; I love Morningstar Farms like nothing else! We have eaten their sausage links, corn dogs, hot dogs and burgers. When we do mashed potatoes or rice we get the pouches and usually just have to add water. I highly recommend having at least 2 gallon sized jugs of water on hand at all times, we do that and have our regular size water bottles in the fridge.
My husband stretched a bungee cord across the bottom of the top bunk and threded our paper towel role through that to keep them handy but out of the way.
I do love cooking on the road, it’s less expensive and can be healthier. The best part is coming up with inventive recipes and ways of cooking things!


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