Tips for the Lady’s Life on the Road: Pt. 4 Keeping Busy in the Passenger Seat


The first few weeks of my new adventure were so exciting, getting to go places I haven’t been before rendered tons of pictures. But as I have stated before, my husband is currently based out of Reno Nevada at the Walmart distribution center so we are making the climb up the mountain either daily or every other day and the scenery hasn’t changed that much. For the lucky ones who get on their truckers rig and go OTR right away the excitement will probably last a bit longer. BUt as a passenger, most days are the same. I have asked my husband for little tasks that I can do like helping to fill out paperwork, cooking or keeping our small spaced tidy to keep me a little busy but sure to most road conditions, or rode is usually quite bumpy and during that time I can’t do much but sit buckled into the passenger seat. This is where your smart phone comes in great, I have downloaded apps like mad libs (remember those things?) and other games of questions that my husband and I can play together, of course I have the usual candy crush and other word games to play by myself. We do you like to listen to music, usually Pandora and we’ll take turns bogarting the stations. I will add, a few weeks back I put on the nineties alternative station which played the songs that were hits when my husband and I were in high school, that was probably the best day of music for both of us because we were able to share memories that were very similar. I’m not much into words searches or crossword puzzles but I did find one in the back of a trucking newspaper I got at a truckstop and found it to be quite fun so maybe I’ll have to get one of those if I get too bored. This time in my life has afforded me an opportunity to work on my writing- I love writing fiction and children’s stories but hadn’t had much time in the past. Another thing that keeps me busy is jotting down ideas for my blog throughout the day when something new comes to me, I am so excited that I get to share my experiences and adventures with all of you!


2 thoughts on “Tips for the Lady’s Life on the Road: Pt. 4 Keeping Busy in the Passenger Seat

  1. Christina, I sure do enjoy your daily blogs. You are with your partner seeing places and sharing the life together. At times life seems to be monotonous but as you have found out that you can be creative and pursuit your own hobbies and to make the best you can in each given moment. You are doing such a fabulous job and I am so happy for you. I actually love to take pictures of clouds so when you come across interesting ones please do post them. Have a continuous lovely journey!

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    1. Mina, you are so sweet! I just love your comments 🙂 This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I am so glad I got to take it. Cannot wait until we are all over the country! I will definitely keep an eye out for those amazing cloud pictures!


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