Tips for the Lady’s Life on the Road: Pt. 3 Keeping a Girly Appearance


I am not a “girly girl”, really. My biggest vices are eye liner and my hair done, but I will not go out in public without my makeup and hair done (or without a bra, you’re welcome!)

My daily makeup routine includes:
*Pressed Powder
*Eye Shadow
*Eye Liner

And that is all. Every now and then I’ll add a little blush and mascara,  but living on a big rig doesn’t allow much room for washing my face with soap and water extensively,  so it’s best to keep it simple. I do have face make up removal wipes that I use most days (shout out to my mother in law for getting me some for Christmas). My trucker and I will shower about every 3 days or so,  but we will use baby wipes on the days we are unable to shower. I find it important to keep to some sort of hygiene regimen so that way we don’t fall into a pattern of being funky and smelly.
We will usually shower at a Petro, TA or Pilot, most truckers have a rewards card for these places and when they fill up with fuel or make purchases from the truck stops they get free showers. Most shower stalls are on the smaller side so my husband will hop in first take a shower and then I will go after him but we only use one shower credit at a time. I do recommend bringing your own towels, all showers have some but I have a thing about using other peoples towels even if they have been washed.
For Christmas my mother in law gave us a rolling plastic duffle bag which we use to transport our items needed for the shower. We will usually take towels, clean clothes, all of the items you will need for a shower; shampoo and conditioner, body wash, face wash and razors. I keep all of the liquid items in a plastic grocery bag just in case of any spills. Another thing I highly recommend is a pair of shower shoes or rubber flip flops, I did not have them for our first few showers and ended up having itchy feet.
All of the showers we have been to have a small hair dryer which I like to use for my roots because I find if those aren’t dry quickly my hair gets oily faster, the wattage isn’t great but it does the job that I need. I do have a blow dryer on the truck which is a standard blow dryer from home but I have not used it because I don’t want to short out our inverter. I also have a flat iron which I have plugged into the inverter but it won’t stay on for very long, my trick for this is to dial up the heat as high as I can and throughout the time of straightening my hair I will dial it down and back up again so that it does not shut off. I haven’t seen a 12 volt hair straightener yet but I have seen a 12 volt hair dryer, I don’t use it very often so I don’t think it would be worth my money. I try not to put my hair in a ponytail every day, I feel like I haven’t put forth much effort on my appearance if I do. Some days I will wear it down or put the front portion up in a bump and secure with bobby pins.

Let’s talk about “Aunt Flow” for a minute:
We use disposable small plastic doggie bags for our dogs mess, I found a box with a bunch of rolls of small plastic bags at Costco and figured it would be great to have on stock for the dog, but I also realized they were the perfect size for female products when you’re done. I have now been through two cycles while on the truck with my husband and while it’s not glamorous, I have been able to keep my products towed away and the used things thrown out quickly. Baby wipes are great for this time as well and whenever I have to take care of my business I can close the curtain and separate myself in the sleeper. I have also purchased vanilla scented waste basket liners (very small trash bags) which I have found to provide a pleasant scent to transport any items to a trash can.
As I told you before, space is a limited commodity therefore we don’t have a lot of clothing that we wear. I find a pair of jeans can go about 3 days with a little Fabreeze to keep them fresh, I will wear black pants aka yoga pants if I know I won’t have to leave the truck, or I wear an oversized shirt with them. most days I am in either a long sleeve or short sleeve cotton shirt just because it’s what’s comfortable, if it is still clean I will either work the next day or we use it again before washing. I find most times I can get away with having worn shirts 2 days before washing.
If your tracker has not already done so, invest in a good want you back that you can keep your clothes in while on the truck and carry easily to the laundry mats that are provided at most truck stops. we have only used Petro laundry facilities and use our ATM debit card for the purchases, thid way we done have to lug around a sock full of quarters.
Lastly, I have found that my hands have been very dry most days on the truck so I definitely recommend a thick lotion to be applied daily. In a past post I shared the small pocket back hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works which I keep one of on the dash to use at any given time and these will dry out your hands, but at least they smell pretty!


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