Tips for the Lady’s Life on the Road: Pt. 2 Organization in the Rig- Big Ideas for Small Spaces


One of the hardest things about living in such a small space is allowing both the truck driver and passenger to have places of their own to put things and keep out of the way while also making sure it is secured or tied down while the truck is in motion ( my husband and I have made up the game of “guess what just flew off of the shelf and landed on the floor”, because there are at least 2 items a day that we forget to put away and due to bumpy roads will come flying off the shelf). My first go to was plastic rubbermaid storage containers with drawers.
I have a small one that is put away with the extra stuff that would go in your normal bathroom cupboard; extra lotions, body wash, q-tips, and first aid supplies.
I have another one that is small as well with 3 drawers that is more accessible, this one contains things for brushing your teeth, medications we use on a daily basis, deodorant as well as things I need to do my hair.
I have a larger 3 drawer container that used to hold scrapbook paper but now holds our food items; spices in bottles, canned foods, small bags of crackers or other snack items, small plastic cups of fruit and vegetables and any other dry goods.
I also bought a plastic container that is two trays that snap together and the top one contains a snap on lid and has a handle. The top portion contains our plastic ware; spoons forks and knives. The bottom container contains things from a kitchen; can opener, sharp knives (we made sure they had plastic sheaths for safety), boxes of foil and a small bottle of dish soap. B


On the top bunk we have placed a refrigerator which we have tied down very securely because it is so large. We also keep extra things up there like a bucket of random chargers and cords for our phones and computers and I put two larger Rubbermaid containers, one is a three drawer unit and in the top two drawers are our under clothes, my husband has the top one because he can reach it easier and I have the second one. the bottom drawer contains paper plates and a couple of random items that I didn’t really have a place for. The second Rubbermaid container has two very large drawers, in the top one are our dishes which really only are several plastic Rubbermaid bowls with lids, travel mugs for coffee as well as travel cups for cold drinks. We have found it is very important to have containers for drinks with lids because of the bumpy roads.
My husband drives a Freightliner and he has two spaces near the steering wheel for drinks for himself and due to the Qualcomm being in between us it is difficult for me to reach over to grab a cup without disturbing his driving space, so I went out and bought clip on cup holders. They are great except due to them only being attached to the dashboard with a small plastic arm they move around a lot.


Our truck has a very small wardrobe cabinet where we keep shirts and pants hanging on hangers, the bottom portion contains pajama pants, and t-shirts that I have rolled up to give us more room.


Underneath the wardrobe is a small alcove where we keep our kitchen stuff, because there is a pull out drawer which is wonderful for food prep as well as to keep our lunch box oven which I bungee down while we are on the road. Underneath the pull-out drawer is another small cabinet in which I keep that Rubbermaid drawer set of items as well as my hairdryer, flat iron, and large bottles.

On the opposite side is another set of storage, at the very top is a small cabinet where we store electronics as well as bedding that we don’t need at the time, we also store gallons of water for future use.


Underneath this is another alcove in which we have the other bathroom drawer set, to the side of this are our cleaners like Windex, and Lysol. Underneath that is a larger alcove which stores the drawers of food and random items we don’t have a place for.
At the very bottom is a small cabinet in which we keep a 12 volt shop vac for cleaning up spills. I bought this for my husband at Christmas time at Kohls for $12, it works OK for our needs.
Another storage space is located under the bottom bunk, which to get to you have to lift the entire bottom so we try to keep things under there that we only need to access rarely like duffle bags, extra supplies for eating like disposable coffee cups and plastic ware as well as things my husband needs for the truck because there is a small door on the outside of the truck he can access to get all the stuff.


The last piece of storage I bought was a skinny 3 drawer container to go behind the passenger seat. On top of this is our coffee maker, we chose a single serve cup appliance so that we don’t have to worry about a glass carafe or pot of water sloshing around. Underneath that in the three drawers are coffee, creamer, cups and at the very bottom are my shoes because let’s face it I have a problem knowing where to put things haha.
My biggest piece of advice for the organization piece is make sure that you have containers that close and sit nicely into their spaces so they don’t move around too much, or if you really want to play the game “what just flew off the shelf” have at it!


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