The Tired Trucker

There is always the negligent trucker in the bunch; the one who throws a trucker bomb (bottles of urine, usually clear bottles, unfortunately)  out on the side of the freeway, the one who feels they don’t need to stop at the brake check point or the one who does not use their hazards when going under 45 miles per hour, rendering other vehicles behind it to usually have to hit the brakes rather quickly. But as I have seen, most truck drivers are law abiding citizens just trying to make some miles to provide money for their families whom they hardly get to see back home. The other day I saw an article in my newsfeed on Facebook from a lovely truckers wives group that I belong to, regarding parking lot spaces at Walmarts and the average  customers disdain at having trucks parked in them.


So, I’ll go ahead and play the little customer first… I get it, you’re playing Taylor Swift on the radio and yelling  at your toddler in the backseat to be quiet while “mommy is trying to sing” and hold a latte in your hand, you come up to a stop sign, ready to do your “California stop” because there’s no time to wait for that big rig to cross your path, even though they came to a full stop. They begin to make their move and you have to slam on your break (because let’s face it you truly weren’t paying attention) and you just spilt that latte on your cream colored tank top that you bought at Forever 21, even though its been forever since you’ve been 21. What a POS for making you have to wait your turn, yeah, let’s go ahead and honk at him, it’s gonna make a world of difference! So you find your spot to park, get little Chole Zoe Ashlynn out of her car seat and start across the parkinglot to the front of the store, but you see another semi truck coming across your path, so you try to dart out with toddler in tow because those damn semis take for-ev-ver, but decide not to chance being run over and wait for him or her to pass, all the while swearing under your breath at how you these a-holes were stalling your precious time to get in and out of the store before mommy and me hot yoga in an hour. Why are they even here? GAWD!
Um, they are here because they are most likely making a delivery to that store, or perhaps have just spent the last 11 to 14 hours in and out of their truck delivering the goods that you need to survive and now are making the wise decision to pull over to a safe haven so that they can rest to prevent themselves from careening off of a bridge, or slamming into the back of your vehicle from fatigue. Do you see how big those trucks are? They cannot fit into just any old spot, and with the add ons of Super Walmarts needing multiple truck loads of goods each day, those suckers are everywhere. Most Walmarts value the transporters of the supply they need to keep their stores open and you alive so they allow truck drivers to park in their parking lots away from 4 wheelers, to ensure the safety of their shoppers as well as their drivers. Sam Walton was a big advocate of the truck driver, I’m sure he is pulling the air horn in his grave right now at the audacity of some of the Walmarts who are forgetting who their Big Daddy really is.
So let’s go back to those negligent drivers, yes they do exist and if they are driving in the normal parking spots of four wheelers, shoppers should take down the company information and phone number and report those individuals, I actually encourage you to do that, as does my trucker husband. We frequently have to stop for the night at the Walmart in West Sacramento because it is a wonderful place for trucks to be able to stop off in the distance and not bother the average customer. I have seen firsthand the truckers around here are very responsible, they throw the trash away in the proper receptacles they follow the truck route away from the store and they watch out for the safety of everyone in the area. A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were sitting in our truck around 2 a.m. My husband noticed a man acting very strangely in the vicinity and called to report it. The car security guards do drive around to ensure truck drivers are law abiding but I will tell you most of the time the drivers are sleeping, because if the wheels aren’t turning their not earning and they don’t want to just sit around to be a nuisance. Also I mention that we enjoy this particular Walmart, because it is usually the halfway point between his yard and most of his stops. The other night we were driving and my hisband was at the end of his hours (all drivers must pull over by their 11th hour of driving or could face loss of license),  there are so very few truck stops or spaces that trucks can pull over safely from the Bay Area through Sacramento that they often fill up before 5 p.m. We encountered three small truck stop that were completely full so he risked going over his time to be able to reach the Walmart in Sacramento, good thing he mapped it out to reach it just in time. So, in conclusion of my long winded rant I’m sorry, not sorry if I sound like somewhat of a “B”, but I will NOT sit idly by as the misinformed public tries to ruin for most what the few negligent drivers do!


One thought on “The Tired Trucker

  1. Have to admit, only I haven’t read any of your post till today. Have now read all of them. I look forward to more. Great job, and awesome perspective.


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