Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day readers!!!
I hope you all were able to spend your day surrounded by the people and things that you love. My day was spent in the truck going from Sparks Nevada to Napa, American Canyon, Martinez and finally Antioch. There were no gift, cards, flowers or dining out but this was by far my best Valentine’s Day ever! To spend my day sitting beside my best friend and seeing some places that I still haven’t seen in the 35 years I have lived in California was better than any tangible gift I could have received. Everyday we venture into a new area I am more impressed with my husband’s ability to maneuver such a large vehicle in places that trucks were obviously not meant to go. We pulled into the American Canyon store and the space for which my husband had to turn his truck around was slightly smaller than two lanes on the regular road, he had to do a complete u turn in the small space. I watched from the side view mirror with terror in my eyes as his truck began to go up on the curb but there was no other way for him to do it, I started making those annoying gasps and gritting my teeth thinking he was for sure going to tip the trailer but I figured the best thing I could was close my eyes and pray that God would help him through it. And while I do believe I channeled Carrie Underwood for a brief moment, asking Jesus to take the wheel, I knew when I heard the pop of the break that my trucker had completed it and my pride in him had never glowed so bright.

And now for something new I found and had to share:


This smells like a cottoncandy cocktail! Being on the truck, I get my hands pretty dirty and have about a dozen PocketBacs strewn around this space. Today I pulled out this one and instantly fell in love! I go through a bottle a week I would say, so I will have to hide this one so I may enjoy it longer!


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