Learning Patience

Yesterday was quite the day for us; we had a crack in the passenger side windshield which grew quite a bit during the snow we went through the other day so my husband made arrangements over the phone for 10 AM, the man arrived at 8 AM ready to work!  I stayed in the sleeper with the curtain closed and played on my phone, thank goodness he was done in half an hour! James then went inside to see if he had a load ready and they informed him that he needed a maintenance check done on  the truck but it wasn’t until 3PM!  Around 12 PM he went to the office to see if we could bobtail down the street to a store but they handed him a random drug test form instead! He had to take an employees car to town (about 20 mins away) and I had to stay on the truck. I began to get worried when he called me at 2:30 and said he was still waiting his turn. At 3:40, the mechanic finally came to take the truck and I had to wait outside for James to get back. Within 15 minutes my trucker returned. We had been told the wait for the truck was 3 hours, but the mechanic found an oil leak among other problems so our wait turned into 6 hours! James was scheduled a court date in Sacramento this morning for a ticket he received for the company GPS directing him down a truck restricted road. We finally left the yard at nearly 10 PM Wednesday night and still had to get to Sacramento to shut down for the night.  We made it to Sacramento at 2 AM and without a vehicle to take him to court,  James had to go into the Walmart and purchase a pre paid credit card since he only had cash on him and try to pay over the phone for the ticket,  the automated system did not allow for payment with this card,  needless to say it was quite stressful to try and fall asleep knowing he had to be up in 5 hours to call the court and see what he could do.  Thank goodness James got through to someone who was very nice and tried to process the card amd it word, he is free and clear! We then had to sit in  the truck and wait a couple of hours to head to Oakland for a drop and hook.  We took the empty trailer to C&H sugar. The building is something to look at!



Thank goodness we had our Monster energy coffee to get us through the morning. This is our favorite;  Kona coffee.


And now we are back at the yard having dinner and going to bed. Hopefully we can keep the wheels turning and no more waiting!


3 thoughts on “Learning Patience

  1. Hi my name is Ashley and I was hoping you could give me some heads up on what to expect my first time on the road with your trucker. I am getting married in May and plan to go out with my trucker for a while. What would you wish you were told your first time out? I’ve asked a few groups on Facebook but no answers. Thanks for any help you can give me.


    1. Thank you Curtis 🙂 I’m sure there aren’t many that have read my posts, but still hope one day to be well known for my writing (still needs plenty of work though lol). I appreciate your sentiments!


    2. Hi Ashley, thank you for asking me. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, how exciting! Is your trucker OTR? My husband currently drives for CR England and they are contracted with Wal Mart, so aside from the designated truck stops, Wal Mart is really the only place we stop and can shop. So I’d say, be prepared for lots of time just sitting on the truck. We have our dog on the truck with us so I try to take him out for walks because it does get hard to stay in such a small space for so long. Also, it gets super expensive to eat out or get food at truck stops and it’s not very healthy, so we have a good size fridge for cold drinks and food to cook in our little lunch box oven, which has been great to have. I enjoy preparing our food because, again it gives me something to do. And here is a sort of “TMI” that I have yet to write about in a blog; restrooms are not always accessible so if you and your trucker feel comfortable, get a bucket with a lid for potty emergencies (we only use it for pee, that’s our rule). We have a 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot with the lid and while it does get in the way sometimes, I am sure thankful for it on long trips or in the middle of the night. We always keep it on the other side of the curtain and shut the curtain when needing to use (there isn’t much discretion when you share such a small space so we try and salvage any we can). Those are the big ones off the top of my head. If I think of anything else, I will let you know. I might just do my next blog about what to have and expect on the truck (thanks for the inspiration lol). Please let me know if you have any other questions. I am excited to help. And good luck to you!

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