Kinda Snow…

Yesterday took us to Richmond,  Fremont and Union City. A gorgeous setting sun near the Golden Gate accompanied our travels.


We dealt with rain most of the day but it sure made for some pretty pictures of the sky and I got a shot of a system on the horizon.


We had a back haul of water to pick up in South Sacramento and then ran out of hours so ended up in the parking lot of West Sacramento WalMart (seems that has all too often been our place to sleep lately). When we got up, I threw my hair in a ponytail and put on some make up (can’t go a day without it) and headed back up the mountain to the yard.  James got a major crack in his windshield which grew quite a  bit from having the defroster on during the snow we went through the other day. Today it spread about an inch from more snowy weather.





Funniest part about our usual route is, we can have warmth and sun in Sacramento,  cold and snow in the Sierras and then sun and wind in Nevada,  gotta love the West coast!  I have been living in the same hoodie most days because we usually encounter cold weather at some point each day. We were back in the yard before sun down and we were told to sit down due to the windshield crack,  so we make a delicious pasta and rice dinner in our lunchbox oven and caught reruns on Netflix.


Even though there isn’t much to do on the truck,  with such a tiny space it can get messy quickly,  so I try to do end of day clean up each night.  We reorganized the storage space provided on the truck for a more cohesive setup; foods prep items in one area,  our “bathroom/beauty” supplies in another and then our pantry items in their own spot. Hopefully the top bunk will be cleared tomorrow and then I can post pictures of our cozy little home on wheels!


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