Rainy Day

As I’m writing this post, our truck is rocking like crazy! This wind and rain has been something else, especially when experienced in a big rig. I tell ya, today was quite the headache.  Drivers turn into morons in bad weather. Had a few close calls from tiny little sedans switching lanes without blinkers at the last second and James had to hit the breaks hard. We were heading up to the yard but just outside of Rocklin we discovered Donner Pass was closed, so we had to pull into a Wal Mart parking lot to wait it out, but that was 7 hours ago! So we put on some Netflix and made some chilli and cornbread in our little 12 volt lunchbox oven


It was pretty tasty!  And then James had to take PJ out so he bundled up


It has caused me to feel a bit antsy to not really get out and roam around, but I’ve kept myself occupied enough.


This was our view from the truck.  I love watching the rain,  as long as I don’t have to go out in it!


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