Up and Down the Mountain

The last couple of days we really have been on the move! Yestersay we had to take a full trailer down to another driver in Sacramento and take his empty trailer back to the yard. This morning we had 3 loads down to Vacaville and to West Sacramento. We are ending our night at the Alamo Petro in Sparks, NV. James treated us to a nice nice dinner while we had a couple loads of laundry going. This truck stop is super nice. Yesterday on our way back to the yard, we stopped at this truck stop to take a shower. It was very nice inside, a little small though. Here are a few pics, apologies for how they turned out but it was hard to take good pics in such a small space.




Oh, and I almost forgot… we saw a few semi trucks carrying equipment for country singer Eric Church. It was funny how we were behind one while driving…


And then we saw 2 at the fuel island of the 49er in Sacramento…


And then when we reached the Petro coming back from our run, we had a third parked next to us.


One last awesome thing we found out was that trucks can reserve a spot at a truck stop and as I had written about in a previous post,  sometimes it can be next to impossible to give a spot.  So for $12 we called ahead and a person from the service reserved a spot (they only have 4 available). We arrived,  got a tag for the windshield and had prime spot parking (right next to the Eric Church truck)! It was such a relief to know we had a spot ready for us after a long day of driving. It is now 1:30 in the morning, so time to fet some sleep!


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