A Scentsational Post!

Okay, so tonight’s blog is going to be a little different and, let’s say, a little personal. I’ll tear back the curtain with this statement: We all go to the bathroom. There, now that it’s been said, if you get squeemish about “potty talk”, feel free to scowl, shake your head in disapproval and call it a night… but for those of you in touch with reality and who know what it’s like to not be at home and have to go, get out the popcorn and choice of beverage, you’re in for a treat!


This, my friends is “poo-pourri”. A couple of years ago, my parents recieved a small bottle of this stuff as a gag gift at Christmas (shout out to my Uncle Bill)  and I fell in love! It is an oil based fragrance you spray into the toilet before going #2 and the oil acts like a barrier to help mask unpleasant odor. I am a “private potty-er”, I hate going #2 anywhere except at home. When I made the decision to join my husband on the road, I immediately ordered a bottle on Amazon. Mine is a 4 oz bottle and cost about $14 (plus I had Amazon Prime so I had free shipping and got it in like 2 days). They have many scents to choose from and amazing laugh out loud names. I take it with me in my purse every time I feel I may need some “reinforcement” to avoid embarassment. I still hate to do my “civic doodie” in public, but at least now, I know I can more inconspicuous!


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