Today sent us through Clovis and Fresno with a  back haul at the General Mills lot in Stockton. It was nice to be along for the journey,  but I have to say, I feel a lengthy PSA coming from me soon. 4 wheeled drivers are terrible on I99.
   Our day started about 9:30am leaving the Pilot and ended back at the yard in Sparks, NV around 10:30pm. James is such a trooper,  I can see the contentment in his face as he tacks in another hour of driving in his 14 hour day. Truckers only get one 30 minute “break” after 8 hours of driving/dropping off and picking up loads.   So tonight I will sign of with my best capture of the Reno skyline going 60mph in a semi truck. I ask you all to be safe and when encountering a semi truck while on the road, give them plenty of room to stop, if they have their turn signal on, get out of their way! And for all of our safety, DON’T HAVE YOUR HANDS ON YOUR CELLPHONE WHILE YOU’RE DRIVING!!!



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