Reunited and it feels so good!

Hello Readers!

My first post is a pre-post if you will. I am joining my husband on his truck within the next couple of weeks and have created this blog for all of our friends, family and potential idolizers (haha). As of right now, my husband “The Trucker” is working out of Reno, NV and has routes anywhere from the Southern area of Oregon down into Central California. He does love his job, but he says the route has become very monotonous and he wishes I were on his truck with him. So, he put in to go OTR (over the road/long haul) and asked me to accompany him. The idea of traveling all over the United States and him getting paid for it sounded like something a couple in their mid-thirties with no children (yet) couldn’t pass up. So, I quit my job and am in the process of packing up my belongings to join him on this journey!

What makes this blog special is that it’s written from the point of view of the trucker’s wife, but not the stay at home mom that a lot of trucker’s wives are. I am a woman in my mid thirties with no children who will be riding co-pilot with my husband for an extended/undetermined period of time. Also, having the perspective of a woman living on a semi truck should prove to be quite humorous; you’ve got the vanity, sitting down to pee, the minimal space for all your possessions, sleeping two people in a bed just bigger than a twin size… there has to be some comedic responses to these things that as of now, I have definitely taken for granted!

My dear readers, I hope you enjoy the journey along with me and my trucker. As I’ve told people who asked what I was thinking when taking on this task of relocation, I know I am crazy with half a cup of insane added to the bowl, but the one thing I can promise myself is this is an experience very few people will ever be offered, so I had to take it!


Semi Sweet Wifey


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